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Juni 2018

Distributed strain sensing in geotechnics - part 2

Tender texts for distributed fiber optic measurements in geotechnical engineering - Bautechnik Volume 95, Issue 9

This contribution is a first contribution regarding distributed strain sensing in geotechnical engineering [1]. In particular, the past shows a lot of uncertainty of the planning engineer with regard to request for proposals, especially dealing with the definition of "WHAT" to request for. The field of the local distributed fiber optic sensor technology is, as already mentioned, a wide area. The following remarks in this paper are related to distributed temperature sensing as well as to Distributed Strain Sensing. The collected tender extent is based on an up to 25-year-old activity in the field of fiber-optical measurement technology in the oil and gas industry, in hydraulic engineering and geotechnics. The following explanations in this contribution apply to Distributed Strain Sensing. The system described is commercially distributed and is not subject to any tender relevant restrictions. This contribution includes a brief general description of the services to be tendered in connection with tender blocks describing the desired output clearly to ensure that the engineer receives comparable offers. Nevertheless, this contribution does not protect the contractor regarding his own evaluation of the offered services in relation to the suitability and performance of the tenderer. Finally, two non-exhaustive economic considerations between the distributed sensing and conventional measuring methods are compared.