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Juni 2018

Environmentally friendly building materials in ground and special foundation engineering on the example of a fully biological soft gel for subsoil injection

GeoMEast 2018 International Congress and Exhibition "Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Structural Integrity"

At the Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris, all participating countries decided to minimize CO2 emissions in order to make a significant contribution to reducing global warming. In addition, there are numerous national and international agreements to protect the water supplies. On the other hand, cements or cement suspensions are used worldwide in special foundation engineering. In Germany, for every material that is inserted into the subsoil, an environmental test and a general environmental technical approval are required. This also applies to any soil injection medium used for sealing purposes against groundwater and surface water. As part of the development project for new injection materials in 2016, the Research and Development Department of Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH (Germany) developed on the basis of bionics a fully biological soft gel as a soil injection medium. As a part of lecture the developmental path, the results of the chemical investigations as well as the results of first injections will be presented and conclusions on the possibilities of use of the material as injection medium for sealing purposes will be given.