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Juni 2018

Life-cycle analysis of foundation structures using sensor-based observation methods

China-Europe Conference on Geotechnical Engineering; Vienna - Austria

Modern distributed fiber optic sensing technology allows measurements with very high precision of about 1µm/m and a special resolution up to 10 millimeters or higher. Although it is an established measurement method in many fields of engineering, such as aircraft construction, offshore technology or pipeline oil industry it still is considered with some doubt in geotechnical engineering. For the purpose of establishing this modern measuring technology in geotechnical engineering a series of investigations on different geo-technological structures such as bored and driven piles, ground anchors or diaphragm wall was carried out. The measuring technology was integrated as a part of the respective structure and the measurements were mostly conducted during the test loading of the structures. For a comparison as well as verification of the obtained results the structures were equipped with classical instrumentation for strain measurements. In the paper the basics of the measuring technology will be discussed. Selected case studies will be presented and discussed from the instrumentation of the structural elements to the evaluation of the measurement results.